Business consultancy

Our experience in business management lets us help give support business management using and developing suited estrategies for the business’ needs. We consider ourselves a part of the team and we activelly collaborate in the improvement and correction of the parts of the business that need it the most. We take action in various company departments (productive, administrative, comercial, organizational, etc.). We bring an external and objective perspective to the business. That’s why our clients consider us essential, and they consult with total peace of mind and confidentiality about any aspect in which they may have doubts, or need another unbiased point of view.
  • Assessment of the situation of the company
  • Continued support for business management
  • Advice in business crisis situations
  • Procedure implantations
  • Short, mid and long term planification
  • Business restructuring (mergers, splits, etc.)
  • Mergers and aquisitions
  • Corporate holdings
  • We have agreements with banks to facilitate financing
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